Look at this fucking person near a light switch.

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Michel telo - Ai Se Eu Te Pego (Nosa Nosa)

Наверно это будет моя песня на выпуске)) 


What can I say?  Nothing! So much shit happens in my life.

I don’t have mood for write  on english here and I start write on russian/ 

About me and something else

  • I 16 y.o. kid I was born 24/06/1995
  • My really Name Kotlyarov Nikita
  • I’m only started learning English, and some from my words could be no true test
  • I from Brest, Belarus it’s near Russia, my region  South-West part of Belarus
  • I'm in school and now I’m in grade 11.  this is my last year at school
  • I’m playing hockey already 10 years and i proud of this I have a big achieve
  • I’m  kind, polite and I love helping people.
  • My lovely friends are amazing they such stylish friendly and I love them

I hope that i’ll be interesting for us, i’ll try write here more interesting actions from my life. I wish a nice day)

When I woke up I saw a beautiful sunshine. Somebody told that today would be a good wether, I hope on thit words)